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What do teachers and parents of children with special needs say?

- mom of a 5 year old girl and 10 year old boy

"We have tested this amazing prouduct. The 5 and 10 year olds love it and have already spent many hours creating different figures. Their imagination is the only limit for what they can build. I highly recommend it.


- father of an 8 year old girl

"To our 8 year old daughter MakerZ from Zpiiel have an incredible play value. At first we were a bit sceptical as their were no step by step guides for the different models. However, it turned out that it was very intuitive to a girl like Alma who is used to playing with Lego and plays Minecraft on her iPad. Once she started it was impossible to tear her away from the elements. Within a few hours she had created an entire Zoo that took up most of our dining table."

- mom of a 9 year old boy

"My son just turned 9 and was gifted the largest Makerz box for his birthday. SO many hours of playtime has come out of it. He is crazy about the 'no rules' concept and the way in which a small variety of elements can become an unlimited range of animals/figures."

- father of a 5 year old boy

"I have a hyperactive son, but Zpiiel's products can make him sit still and immerse himself while changing the little elements into anything from dinosaurs to super heroes. It's i giant hit with both father and son."

– father of two boys

Zpiiel is a super cool concept. The satisfaction of clicking two pieces together are far greater than with any other build set. And the simplicity of it is really good as well. My 4 year old son bought his first box three days ago and has been playing with the elements ever since. He loved the little box (on the display) that allowed him to try the elements first. He loves clicking things together and taking them apart so he decided to buy the Scorpion.

His older brother (8) also plays with Zpiiel. He invented a game of making a chain with the black elements, wrap them around his arm or thigh and “burst” the chain with his muscles.

Anyways, awesome concept!”