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About Zpiiel

Why Zpiiel® toys?

At Zpiiel® we want to develop unique and durable toys that create experiences and universes for playing that the child is drawn back to time and time again. Thanks to our strong relationship with and knowledge of the toy industry, we can create quality toys that are developed and designed in Denmark.

Zpiiel® and play

When children play, they develop their imagination and cognitive skills. They play to play – not to learn anything specific. While playing they learn to create stories both alone and together – and to deal with diversity and challenges. Therefore, Zpiiel develops and produces ® toys for children from years 5 and up. With Zpiiel®s own products, we are expanding the framework for playing and learning by expanding and supplementing the children’s own play universes.

Zpiiel® invites both immersion and fast construction. We approach both the child, who likes to immerse themselves in construction games, where the child can create his own creative characters, and to the child who likes to build his character easily and quickly so that it can quickly start playing with his or her Zpiiel® figure.

Zpiiel® and experience

The team behind Zpiiel® consists of experienced people from the toy industry. We know what creates good atmosphere during play and learning, and we use our overall experience to create the best product for your child.

Build small and build grand

All Zpiiel®s products are created from an idea of creative play with building elements that are so flexible, they can be used interchangeably across the different series. The elements are unique as they have ball joints, providing good mobility and flexibility in the child’s play. At the same time, Zpiiel® is designed to technically be built together with many brands of construction toys.

Made in Denmark

Built by You!

Our desire is to contribute actively to the evolving play of children, and this has resulted in a sustainable and environmentally friendly toy series. All product development and production take place in Denmark according to the most sustainable and environmentally friendly principles. All toy products go through a detailed test process from the stage of ideas to the final result. We constantly focus on quality and safety, and through production and distribution in Denmark we work to reduce waste, transport and energy consumption. In addition, by producing in Denmark, we have the opportunity to increase our product flexibility.

Our products have been tested and approved according to the usual toy standards: EN 71.