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Play and learn

Clinic Vision and Learning trains children with Zpiiel

“I have a bowl with Zpiiel on my table and both children, young people and parents are happy to build with Zpiiel during my consultations. Zpiiel stimulates the brain with eye-hand coordination, creative thinking, imagination and concentration.”

Dorthe Borgkvist, Neuro-optometrist | Owner Clinic Vision and Learning

The aim of Zpiiel® is to meet children’s needs for play and development. That’s why Zpiiel ApS has developed a new design toy that challenges children’s creativity and opens up a whole new universe of possibilities. Different elements, put together in different ways and in different amounts, can become anything.

We know that children evolve through play. We believe that children should play as long as possible. Therefore, it is important that they can get creative toys that stimulate their senses and help them play and develop. That is what Zpiiel® does. In our world, it’s really only the imagination that sets the limit.

Our goal is to develop new Zpiiel® products that are always based on the needs of the children. And we are happy to do so in cooperation with educators, specialists and others with knowledge of children’s learning and development. There are already clinics that use Zpiiel® for training fine motor skills, memory and to stimulate children with ADHD. Zpiiel® is well suited to training children’s skills due to the different shapes and colors. Here you can create a learning process with few elements. Maybe start with a small triangle with three elements. Build your age with numbers, or how about writing the letters of the alphabet? The creative process starts right here….

Important knowledge of Zpiiel®