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Zpiiel® construction toys

Danish designed toys that unleash your child's imagination

Our toys challenge the creativity of children and adults. Build with our elements, made with ball joints, so you can build in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

Zpiiel toys

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Zpiiel® construction toys

Zpiiel® develops construction toys – fast building makes more time for playing. Our toys challenges children’s and adults’ creativity. Build with our elements made with ball joints, which enables you to build in both 2D and 3D. That creates new building possibilities. Our models and elements are developed in a way that everything fits together. Let your creativity flourish. Let your models come alive with stop motion. Find our products here.We develop and produce all toys in Randers, Denmark.

Take a tour of the website. See if you can find inspiration for your own builds. We collaborate with day care centers and schools on developing new toys. Both schools and day care centers often include our building sets for free play or fun educational games. Institutions include our building sets in their play and learning.

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“My children aged 5 and 10 love it and have spent hours building different figures…”


“Our 8 year old daughter finds so much play value in Zpiiel…”


“On his 9th birthday my son got the biggest MakerZ box. SO many hours of playtime has come from it!…”


“I have a hyperactive son, but Zpiiel’s products can make him sit still and immerse himself while changing the little elements into anything from dinosaurs to super heroes. It’s a giant hit with both father and son.”


Zpiiel® benefits

Build moveable models

Did you know that building models is really fun? A great project for people who love building models, or for those looking forward to their next big engineering design challenge.

Challenges children’s creativity and fantasy

Lack of creative imagination can challenge children to imagine new things and challenge their creativity.

Train children’s fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are important for children to develop. They help them hold small objects and pick up precise objects.

Build realistic models

Zpiiel toys are a great way for children to develop creativity and imagination. They can be used by themselves or in groups, making them perfect for promoting learning through social interaction!

Does not contain toxins – EN 71 approved

This product contains no toxins, so you can feel confident giving your child a toy they'll enjoy playing with.

Made in Denmark

Built by You!

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What can you build?

Share your models

See what other children have already built with their imagination

Zpiiel® ApS started developing and producing new creative toys in Randers in 2016. That is a very rare setup today, where almost all toys are produced in China. And it is why we, rightfully, call it a “Made in Denmark” product which is a fact that we are proud of.

The mission of Zpiiel® is to fulfill children’s need to play and develop their skills while having fun. That is why Zpiiel® ApS has developed a new construction toy that challenges children’s creativity and opens a brand new universe of possibilities. Our elements can be combined in unlimited ways and can turn into anything.