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MakerZ 120


MakerZ is the greatest construction toy for creative and imaginative children. It comes with unlimited ways to express your creativity. With MakerZ 120 you get 120 build elements in 4 different colors. You can build whatever your heart desires whether it is a pirate ship, jewelry og something else entirely. You can also build letters and numbers. Try building your name with Zpiiel.


120 pcs.


Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Contains no:

BPA, Phthalates, PVC, Toxins



Constructional toys from Zpiiel er designed specifically to develop childrens’ cognitive skills and ensure that playtime is both fun and educational. Zpiiel MakerZ are STEAM toys, a category of toys that prepare children for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Children who play with Zpiiel develops skills within these areas and are more likely to pursue these subjects later in life.

The elements are robust and they all fit together. The build elements last for years and can be played with many times. Besides being extremely durable toys, they also feel comfortable in your hands. The rounded edges make for a build element that feels natural between your fingers.

If you need inspiration for your next big build project, check out the inspiration on our website.

When you buy toys from Zpiiel you get both the satisfaction of building something and the joy that comes from active playing.

We believe that learning and playing are inseparable.