Det siger kunderne

  • "I originally bought the Booster Series for my son and his Lego. It is a hit. However, it is really nice that my daughter's “My Little Pony” and her Lego Friends have moved into the mountains as well. And we love the fact that it is made in Denmark and environmentally friendly and sustainably produced.”
    Rikke, Roskilde
  • "Marcus, my son, is great collector of Lego and Schleich. The Booster Modules are perfect for his way of playing. No more missing landscapes. Now both the Lego-characters and the Schleich-animals are living side by side in the mountains of Booster...That is of course, when his big brother is not stealing the modules for his Scalextric race track!"
    Vibeke, Aarhus
  • "My son Oliver and his friends are thrilled to play with the Booster Series, both with Lego and Playmobil. They use Booster for mountain ranges, moonscapes and secret lagoons filled with pirates. A pleasure to see ..."
    Dorthe, Kolding