The Red Spitting Cobra


Do you dare go near the red spitting cobra? The snake is extremely dangerous with its toxic venom. You might have already guessed it; the red spitting cobra actually spits venom on his enemies. It aims for the victim’s eyes and can hit its target from a meter away.

Build you very own cobra with Zpiiel’s Red Spitting Cobra. This box contains elements and building instructions to guide you. While building children enhance their cognitive skills and develop their fine motor skills.

The Red Spitting Cobra is hands down a favorite with children who spends hours of fun in its company.

Like all Zpiiel products the elements can be used with elements from the other Zpiiel sets. You can combine two Zpiiel figures or create your own master piece with extra elements from MakerZ. Creative and imaginative children will have hours of fun creating astonishing figures or buildings.


As a toy company we are aware of our responsibility to develop fun AND safe products. All products are non-toxic and EN 71 approved toys.

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