Why Zpiiel™?

At Zpiiel™ we wish to develop unique and durable construction toys that give children a good playing experience to which they will return again and again to create new and imaginative scenarios. Our strong relation to and knowledge of the toy industry gives us an ideal base for creating quality toys that are developed and designed in Denmark.


Zpiiel™ and children’s play:

When our children play, they develop their imagination and thinking abilities. They play for the sake of playing, not because they want to learn something specific. The act of playing teaches the child to create stories both alone or together with friends – and it gives the child abilities to handle differences and challenges. This is the reason why Zpiiel™ wants to develop and produce toys for children from the age 5. Our wish is to contribute actively to the developing play. This has resulted in a sustainable and environmentally friendly toy collection. With Zpiiel™’s products, we are expanding the scope for playing and learning by extending and complementing children’s play universes.

The Zpiiel™ elements apply both to children who like to work with a construction project to create their own figures and to children who prefer building a figure easily and quickly so the play can begin immediately.


Zpiiel™ and the experience: 

The team behind Zpiiel™ consists of experienced people from the toy industry. We know what creates a good atmosphere during play and learning, and we use our collective experience to create the best product for your child.


Flexible and versatile

All the Zpiiel™ products are based upon the concept of developing creative play with building elements that are so flexible that they can be used in combination with a variety of different series. The elements are unique owing to the fact that they are designed with ball joints which give an optimal flexibility. The Zpiiel™ elements are developed to adapt easily to other construction toy brands.


Made in Denmark:

All of our product development and production takes place in Denmark based on the most sustainable and environmentally friendly principles.